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Welcome to our contact information page. Your attempt to contact us is appreciated - we'll do our very best to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours. Since we do receive quite a bit of SPAM at our newsletter e-mail address, please contact us in the way most appropriate for your message. This makes it easiest for us to respond accurately to your request.

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Dr. Joe Rubino and his business partner Pieter van der Gulik have divided tasks.
Kindly address your communication to the right person.

For Customer Support, Please Contact:(Including: download issues, lost passwords, technical glitches, refund requests, complaints and credit card inquiries)
Pieter van der Gulik

Phone: +31 655 816 210 (Timezone: GMT +1)

For Joint Venture and Affiliate Communications Contact:
(Including: partnership invitations, technical glitches, password, commissions, payment questions, copyright questions)

Phone: +31 655 816 210 (Timezone: GMT +1)

Media and Seminar Inquiries:

Dr. Joe Rubino

Phone: (888) 821-3135 (please no customer support or other issues)

Customer Appreciation:
(testimonials, rave reviews and success stories)
Please e-mail them both Dr. Joe as Pieter van der Gulik.

Mail Address Vision Works Publishing
PO Box 217, Boxford, MA01921