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Hi, my name is Dr. Joe Rubino and I’m on a passionate mission to positively impact the lives of 20 Million people.

With research showing that 85% of the world’s people lack self-esteem to some degree, this is an excellent and potentially lucrative way for you to be richly rewarded for your efforts in assisting us to spread the message of high self-esteem and personal empowerment to others.

I am an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, speaker, trainer, coach and consultant supporting people to be happier, more fulfilled, and more effective in all they do!


To complement our leadership, our winning team is formed by heavy duty Mentors, Mastermind Peers, Designers and Programmers – to assure quality, reliability and optimal results!

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Promotion partners like you assist us to fulfill our mission – therefore we invite you to partner with our highly effective team. By becoming an active affiliate you will receive custom treatment at no expense to you! This could include:

Setting up extraordinarily profitable tele seminars with Dr. Joe Rubino
Having exclusive tracking facilities
Enjoying customized landing pages (e.g. for PPC)
Gaining exclusive promotional opportunities with customer discounts and incentives
Receiving special, exclusive promotional tools
And Much More

According to “A Theory of Human Motivation” by leading 20th century psychologist A. H. Maslov, having Self-Esteem is one of the BASIC human needs.

Our extensive testing shows that over 85% of us have some type of self-esteem issue that prevents us from living the quality of life that we truly deserve! Insufficient self-esteem is the root cause of almost all failures in life - YOUR POTENTIAL IS ALMOST INFINITE!

Until now, most personal development trainers have ‘sold’ the concept of self-esteem improvement only through the ‘self help’ niche.  Although this is effective, it’s only the tip of the iceberg!
Since having self-esteem is a BASIC NEED, since everyone in this world wants more success and since having Self-Esteem is a CRUCIAL ingredient for having success – our products can be marketed in EVERY MARKET where people experience Emotional Challenges!

Examples are:

More Success in DATING through boosted self-esteem
Easier Public Speaking through enhanced self-esteem
Better Parenting with more self-esteem
Enjoy more harmonious  marriages through enhanced self-esteem
And the list goes on and on
Get ROCK SOLID Conversions

Our Sales System is Designed for you to Benefit from consistently High Conversion Rates.  The system is set up for you to earn maximum profits:

Your visitors receive INSTANT GRATIFICATION and you WON’T HAVE TO SELL.
Upon opting in on our landing page – your visitors will receive a valuable, informative recording called “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem (example landingpage).
Your visitors will next see a Spectacular One Time Offer (our sales letter)
Suppose 3% of visitors invest in the materials – leaving 97% who do not. For them, we have a Stunning Second ‘One Time Offer’ which is VIRAL and You Still Earn Exciting Commissions on all these additional sales!
Even if your visitor does not yet make a purchase, we now follow them up with a carefully crafted 10 Message Autoresponder to further Boost Conversions!


Currently our Conversion Ratio approximates a Gratifying 3%!
(And we’re constantly testing ways to further increase it!)


Promote Products of  the Highest Possible Quality with Hardly Any Requests for Refunds

For This Affiliate Program, we Offer 3 Package Options – a good, better, best construction.  The ‘core’ product is “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life”. This is a downloadable Ebook.

The ‘Junior Package’ sells for $37
The ‘Basic Package’ sells for $97 (This is a complete home study course.)
The ‘Platinum Package’ sells for $197 (This package also includes 3 intimate, highly intensive, life-altering tele-seminar sessions.)

Both the ‘Basic Package and the ‘Platinum Package’ contain physical products that require fulfillment, shipping and handling.
Determine the amount of your own Check - Earn Income Progressively!

The More Success you Have, the More you’ll Earn! Success Breeds Success and we Want You to Become Part of our Elite Team of Big Money Earners. Take a look at the Spectacular Commission Structure we Offer:


Your Monthly Sales Generated in US $

Your Commission Rate
(over your entire sales  volume)*

    0 to $3,995 20%

$3,996 - $6,995



$6,996 +





* Our program features a one tier commission with a second tier option.
We are also looking for a few select people who would like to spread the word and get richly rewarded for recommending our affiliate program to other affiliates (brokering). The regular affiliate program is a ‘one tier’ program; the second tier of affiliate commissions is exclusively reserved for those few who are interested in being actively involved in creating a network of affiliates who promote our campaigns consistently.


Considering the hard costs we incur in the production, fulfillment and shipping of our products, these levels of commission are unheard of!


If you do have a Solid Network of Internet Marketers or an Exceptionally Strong Desire to Build a Solid Stream of Passive Income, this is your chance to earn exciting commissions! In order to inquire about this opportunity, please contact us per e-mail at

If you are serious about developing a solid online income – this program is definitely for you

Enjoy Monthly Payments

Your Commissions will be Consistently Paid out on the First Tuesday of Every Month for all sales generated in the Previous Month. Choose to be paid with Pay Pal or Personal Check.

Experience our Excellent Tracking, Testing and Optimization System

Our affiliate tracking systems are rock solid – we track your visitors in 3 different ways (with cookies, IP addresses, and flash cookies) – This ensures that your commissions won’t be swept away by browser settings, pop up blockers or other disturbing elements.

In addition, we constantly test all of our sales pages, our promo tools PLUS we follow up on your promotional efforts to create even more success for you!

Receive Continuous Updates, Training and Coaching

Besides the ‘Getting Started’ Instructions, we’ll keep you updated on our latest discoveries, promotion tools, most successful strategies and success stories. As we build and empower our relationship, you’ll receive more marketing insights, tips and strategies than you’d expect to get from most paid membership websites!

Enjoy the Personal Touch

We are dedicated to service and committed to your success. We welcome your questions and suggestions and are committed to continually improving our program so that it is more profitable for you.

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Doing Good!

Our products transform lives. You’ll feel good about your referrals knowing that recommending our products will result in happy, appreciative customers who are grateful that you referred them! Those you refer to us will see you as trustworthy for giving them good advice, and they will be more responsive to your future recommendations.

You’ll also feel good about contributing to our mission of positively impacting the lives of 20Million people. Deep in our hearts we all have the desire to contribute to others. Doing so provides us with the rewarding feeling that builds confidence and provides us with true satisfaction!

We invite you to consider joining our Winning Team. If you have the spirit and drive to be a part of our sales team, we invite you to join us in partnership to take our products and services out to the world and together we will impact the self-esteem of millions!
In turn, we promise professionalism and to lucratively reward you financially for your efforts. We commit to doing all we can to support your success in spreading the word about us.

"Let's Summarize"

This System with it's Famous "Commissions Catalyst"


The Great Value for your Clients


Our Mission and Dedication


Great Comissions


Your Promotion





Thank you for your interest in becoming our affiliate partner.
Yours in Prosperity and Success,

Dr. Joe Rubino

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: No guarantees of income are made with this program. Your earnings will be directly proportional to your efforts and the number of sales you help to generate.